Israel versus Judaism

Extreme Communism is being processed in the Court of Jerusalem

July 12, 2007

A judge gave out his decision, to continue processing a Court fine against Rabbi Turchin. He is being prosecuted for helping the Grand Rabbis of Edah Hacharedis to demonstrate against the pro-perversion Parade, held last year. Since last year Rabbi Turchin, has been kept under house arrest, for many long months. His only crime, was the printing and publishing of posters of the Rabbis of the Edah Hacharedis. Two weeks ago, his lawyer petitioned to overturn the decision of the Minister of Internal Security of the Zionists, to keep his file sealed. The decision to keep files sealed, was in order that the lawyer of Rabbi Turchin would not be able to protect his client. We all know that is how the U.S.S.R. used to work. He is being prosecuted exactly the same way as people where in communism Russia, Eighty years ago. Today a Judge ruled that the seal, which is called in Israel “Hisayon� should continue being blocked from anyone wanting to defend Rabbi Turchin and no information of any witnesses, should be released. This is a blood libel against Rabbi Turchin. Because they do not have any real proof against Rabbi Turchin, therefore they put it under seal. This is all being done in order to punish Rabbi Turchin, for practicing his religion and helping the Edah Hacharedis.

An attorney for BETH DIN TZEDEK OF THE ORTHODOX JEWISH COMMUNITIES, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL issued a letter to Mr. Avi Dichter, Interior Defense Minister, Regarding: The ruling of Protected Nondisclosure in the criminal file against Rav Chaim Aharon Turchin.

View of pdf copy of the letter issued by the Attorney for Beth Din Tzedek.

View the original request to remove the seal on the court records and release the information.