Israel versus Judaism

the story of Mrs. Yenta Markowitz

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I am relating the story of Mrs. Yenta Markowitz, whom the government accused of trying to starve her little son Chaim. I heard the details of the story directly from the woman's brother. Chaim is now three and a half years old. About one and a half years ago, the child had a problem with digestion: he would throw up, and got fever from time to time. She went to a doctor in the Kupat Cholim clinic, and he said, "This is not a simple thing. We have to see what it is; it could be something serious." So she brought the child to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, where they hospitalized the child and ran various tests, but didn't find anything. And the child's condition became worse and worse.

The woman's mother advised her, "Remove the child from that hospital. Whatever they're doing isn‚t helping anyway. It could be a simple allergy." It must be stressed that the child was not in danger; it was only that he sometimes got fever. Thousands of children have symptoms like this, and they outgrow it. But the doctors at Hadassah told her that the child suffered from a rare, little-known disease, and it was crucial to hospitalize him again and again in order to run more and more tests and try more and more medications. Some of the medications they tried on him were very powerful and dangerous. The hospital wrote most of the things they did to him in the file they submitted in court during the prosecution of the mother. They had to write something there, because these things are documented and they were afraid they would be caught concealing information. They don't officially admit to giving him chemotherapy, but we know they gave it to him for a few months, during a period when they were telling the mother that he had cancer, and the child's hair was falling out. Some of the doctors privately admitted that chemotherapy was administered.

After one and a half years of being under their care, Chaim was a living a sack of bones. He weighed 7.1 kilograms (15.6 pounds). Three-year-old children usually weigh twice that. Mrs. Markowitz began to suspect that something was not right. For one and a half years they had been doing tests and operations on her son, and his condition had only deteriorated. So she went to consult with certain people who know medicine, and one of them said that in his opinion the hospital was testing drugs on him that have nothing to do with what was wrong with him. Evidently, they had seen that Mrs. Markowitz was a nice, trusting woman and her husband was a simple man who didn't know anything about medicine or even English, and so they seized the opportunity to use little Chaim as a guinea pig for medical research.

During the year and a half of treatment and testing, Mrs. Markowitz once went to a private doctor and asked him what he thought of the treatment Chaim was receiving. He asked what drugs they were giving him, and she mentioned the names of some of the medicines. The doctor remarked that those were really expensive drugs, and if they're giving him that, clearly he must be getting the best care possible. The fact that they had been bringing medical experts in from England, France and Canada also seemed to show that they were doing all they could possibly do for Chaim. In retrospect, we see that their entire purpose was medical research, and that the experts had been brought in to observe the results.

So at the end of the winter, in early 2009, Mrs. Markowitz began to tell the hospital staff that she wanted to transfer her child to another hospital. Her mistake was to talk about this too much. From then on, their whole relationship to her changed. For a year they had always been nice to her. They had even called her many times at home and asked how Chaim was doing. (In retrospect, the family realizes that this was just a tactic to cover up for their crimes.) They began to treat her terribly, and they accused her of trying to confuse the doctors with false information, and of harming the child. For a month they didn't allow her to hold him, saying that she was rubbing him in a way that hurt him. They didn't enforce this strictly.

Mrs. Markowitz began to look more closely at every drug and procedure the hospital administered to Chaim. Mrs. Markowitz usually spent the entire day, from 8 AM to 8 PM, in the room with her child. But at night she went home to sleep, and a girl was staying with the child. The girl noticed the hospital staff putting a new white object into the child's body, and she called the mother immediately. The mother called the doctor the next day and asked what it was, and the doctor replied, "If you oppose what the hospital is doing for your child, you won't be able to see your child for three years!" Two days later, Mrs. Markowitz received a court order not to come to the hospital for a week, because she was dangerous for her child. She obeyed the order.

Then they called her to come immediately to see a social worker. She came with her husband. For three or four hours they talked about the household and all the children. On the way out, several police officers grabbed her, handcuffed her and took her to jail.

For ten days she suffered terrible tortures in jail, all for the purpose of squeezing a confession out of her. There was one day on which they didn't let her eat or go to the bathroom. They placed her in a tiny, foul-smelling room, and they threatened that she would never be allowed to see her children again. They told her she would be in jail for 40 years unless she confessed that she tried to harm her child. But she didn"t say a word. It was a miracle that she held up.

The police would have pushed further with their torturous methods, but then the religious community came out to the streets in a protest the scale of which the police had never seen in their lives, or at least in the last 40 years. Hundreds of men sat down in the streets, saying they would sit there as long as she sat in jail. Suddenly, the whole story became public and all the newspapers were talking about it. Videos were produced showing her disconnecting her child's feeding tube. The government brought in psychiatrists who said that the mother was suffering from something called Munchausen's by proxy, a mental condition characterized by trying to make a child sick to get the attention of doctors.

The court released a file containing all the accusations. According to the file, there are unbelievably 45 or more treatments, operations or drugs the doctors performed on a healthy child, and for this they blame the mother for giving them false information about his fever and vomiting. For this she has to sit for years in prison. This reminds us of the Talmudic dictum, "I found my ox in your pit." Look where the damage took place! Bottom line, everyone agrees that the hospital did these harmful things to a healthy child. Finally, under immense pressure, they let Chaim Markowitz out of the hospital. He's going to school today. A short time ago they thought he would be dead. His mind worked well, but the body was a bag of bones. Today he doesn't vomit or have fever. Shouldn't the court have at least questioned the doctors? Shouldn't they have considered the possibility that the doctors were also to blame? But no — the prosecution is focusing only on the mother, for giving false information.

They admit that they did unnecessary things with a child for one and a half years: dangerous things like bone marrow transplant — things that you don't do unless there's a very serious illness. And all this without any demonstrable proof that the child had any illness. The only "evidence" was the mother's alleged statements that Chaim had fever. And for this they want to put the mother in jail.

Jewish blood has been declared free for the taking! If the hospital had done this to anyone else, they would be promptly sued, and if the government refused to carry out justice, they could be taken to an international court for crimes against humanity. But since the victim was a religious Jew, the religious Jew will be blamed and the government is blameless.

The documents are there. They themselves tell what they did to this child, whom they admit was healthy. Yet there was no lawsuit against the doctors. They are innocent, the only one to blame is the mother, for giving them false information.

This is not a government, this is a mafia. This is only one of the weapons with which they deal with every person whom they don't like or stands in their way. They aren't just after this mother; they're after every Jewish mother. When our children fall into their hands, they can do what they want. They are now planning to take away all of the Markowitz children and tell Mrs. Markowitz that she can't raise them. This is Sodom and Gomorrah. The victim has been framed as a murderer. Every religious Jew living under the Zionist state must know that his blood is free for the taking. We live in a jungle. May G-d help us.